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Go from wireframes to live apps in minutesNo coding experience needed.

Quickly create and test your MVP

App Composer allows you to quickly create an interactive app for your MVP. With a few simple clicks and customizations, you can have a link to share and gain feedback within minutes. It is like wireframing on steroids.

Not just another no-code platform



Our platform is incredibly easy to learn that even children are creating apps. We have designed App Composer so that you can start building apps with your smartphone. You can create an app in minutes.



Designed from the start to scale so that the platform can grow with your success. Our entire stack has been streamlined for high-volume use, but if you want more ... export your code and self-deploy.


Code Export

Eliminate any uncertainty or being locked into a platform by exporting the code for your app. Modify it, self-host it, or protect your IP ... do not settle for anything less that total ownership of your hard work.

Designed for all skill levels

As easy as launching App Composer from your smart phone, drag-and-drop components, and publish a live working app to production. No matter your skill level, do it all yourself … in minutes!


Business Owners

You need an app for your business, but you feel helpless because developing an app is out of your budget. Use App Composer to "drag-and-drop" your app in minutes and save money.



You have a great tech idea. Aside from wireframes, you are struggling to turn this concept into a prototype. You can leverage App Composer to wireframe and create a "real app" in one easy step.



Learning to code isn't rewarding because you don't see your results quickly, despite a significant investment in learning. App Composer teaches you the foundations of an app and provides rapid visual feedback.


Absolute Beginners

You're flustered because there are so many languages, tools, and technologies required to make a functioning app. App Composer is a single tool that gives you everything needed to create a complex, production-ready app using drag-and-drop technology.


App Agencies

You're trying to grow your business, but you're at a loss because the global talent shortage is hindering your plans. Now you can harness the power of your existing team to multiply your development capacity just by using App Composer and Acceleration Blocks.



You're feeling ripped-off because you overpaid and waited too long for the offshore developer to finish your app. Now you can do this in-house with your internal IT team. App Composer and Acceleration Blocks will supercharge you to a finished app in no time.


Project Managers

You're asked to run a new app project, but you are lost and don't know where to start: Consultants? Agencies? Offshore? Freelancing? Try submitting your project to our App Marketplace and select your app developer by the "working apps" created using App Composer.


Everybody Else

You feel that app development is so foreign to you and that only the cool kids understand them. App Composer levels the playing field. Now, you can be a cool kid too as development has never been easier for anybody who wants to try creating apps.

Powered by MSE Acceleration Blocks™

App Composer is a tool that is powered by Acceleration Blocks, which is our own “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) for app development. Together, our technologies ensure that you spend list time in code, technologies, or infrastructure and spend more time building great apps!

Monthly Plans






Per App



Per App

Need a custom plan?

We host agencies and enterprise clients of all sizes with plans that are tailored to your unique needs.

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